Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab Bob Dylan and Miles Davis historic Reissues on Audiophile Vinyl

Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab recently acquired the rights to restore and reissue the catalog of two of the major icons of American Music and the World, nothing less than Bob Dylan, the most famous folk rock artist of his generation and maybe of all time, and the giant Miles Davis who basically defined Jazz since the 50s/60s impacting several music styles even today.

Those who love music must have these two artists very well represented in their record collections, and above all, it's unforgivable to pass on this unique opportunity that MFSL is giving us to have these masterpieces from these geniuses playing in our homes with the best sound quality ever and on the best audio format in the world.

Meticulous productions, 100% analog from the microphone sound capture, to the actual recording, editing, mixing, mastering and to the final pressing, from the best sources available today and in accordance with the highest audiophile quality standards and excellent taste, pressed in the best vinyl pressing plant in the USA and presented in lavish, deluxe covers with thick and reinforced card stock and impeccable artwork and graphic design, these are what I call a gift from MFSL to all music lovers and passionate audiophiles worldwide, a gift that cannot be wasted and that we'll probably never see again with such perfect production and pressing.

The level of resolution, clarity, frequency extension, dynamic range, transient intensity and speed, are absolutely fantastic, with presence and immediacy that result in a the extremely realistic sound presentation of a wide, deep, holographic sound stage that only a great all analog mastering can provide, and achieves this with tonal correction and timbre accuracy that allows complete transparency and an umbilical connection to the musical source making these two reissues programs from Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab something really exceptional and unique.

We are talking about Bob Dylan and Miles Davis... so, about the music and the impact of these two artists on modern music, on our society and civilization, there isn't much more to say, they are two huge parts of our culture, two giants, true geniuses who revolutionized our world.

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