Sunday, August 11, 2013

Vinyl Gourmet your source for information about Audiophile LP records.

As music lovers, audiophiles and collectors worldwide, we want it all! But it's not easy to own all the new records being released these days... you can at least go for the best ones!

Between mainstream and audiophile LP's, there's a lot of good stuff coming out, new music and older music... all it takes is that the music is good and the production of the vinyl LP is the best it can be, and we have a winner.

Vinyl Gourmet gives you the inside information and all the details about what's really good and worth your money, time (and shelf room), for the best music from today and from the past being made with the best production standards and from the best sources for our beloved analog LP's.

Stay tuned and enjoy the ride... music is our game!

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