Sunday, April 7, 2024

Getz/Gilberto 2LP 45rpm 1Step by Impex... the unbelievable now.

 Once in a while, not so often... a record can take me into some kind of transcendent dimension, an experience that at the same time holds me in complete disbelief, and also in what I would call a perfect "now", a feeling of presence and immediacy that few other things in life can provide, only music does this for me.

So, it's kind of a mix of two emotions, somewhat delusional, like falling in love with a dream you know isn't real and embracing it until it becomes the true essence of reality, even if for just a few minutes. You're "out there"...

This of course is mostly a result of the musical experience... however, to achieve this state of wonder, the sound performance must strike a very special balance, one that is extremely rare. It comes down to the mastering and how it deploys the sonic emotions to your ears, or should I say... to you heart.

I found such a balance and had such an experience today, with Getz/Gilberto 1Step from Impex Records. I immediately understood I was in the presence of something very special and rare. 

The cohesiveness and harmony of instruments and performers, as well as the perfect tonal balance and fluid dynamics that trick your brain in the most natural way imaginable, will instantly silence the room, the world around you quiets down and focuses on the beautiful people, music and sounds being offered right in front of you, almost in you, like a dream. There's a sense of rightness, of wholeness, a refined assurance to the presentation that is quite magical and, to be honest, very surprising. I wasn't expecting this... 

I've rarely used such flamboyant description to review a record, and as mentioned before, this is mostly a music thing, I love Getz/Gilberto, it touches my soul, it was one of the very first albums that made me fall in love with music and, because of that, I became an audiophile. In fact, no matter what or where or how this music plays, it's always special to me. But this "bullseye" mastering cannot be dismissed, the effort Impex went through to make this the definitive edition of this incredible music has paid off, it is far beyond the usual sound quality parameters, this is a sonic experience for the ages that will always teleport your mind to that special dimension of unbelievable now.

Thank you Impex Records and Abey Fonn for this incredible release, it makes the world just a little bit more special, and that's all we can ever hope for. 😉

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